Massive Credits with Daily rewards

Daily reward is based on daily activity in a TE, in most of the TE’s you may claim daily rewards on the 50th page. If you missed you can claim by going to ‘Home Page’ & clicking on daily rewards options.

Daily reward is usually a some credits awarded like if you surfed daily for 5 consecutive days, it may be something like 2 to 5 credits but imagine if you were surfing daily for more than a year say 400 consecutive days, than you would be getting around 400 credits per for just surfing 50 pages.

That means your site will be always in rotation in that particular TE & we all know TE’s are one of great places to get direct referrals almost without any investment.

The only bad part of Daily rewards if you even miss one day of surfing minimum 50 pages, it will again reset to zero, than you have to start all over again. However it only takes than less than an hour to surf 50 pages daiy with Tab surfing, hence you can keep up with them no matter how busy you are.

Not all TE’s have the ‘Daily reward’ mod.These are some of the TE’s with Daily rewards which I try to surf daily. Some of them are listed below:

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