List Quantity & List Quality

“Money is in the List”

     How true is the above statement ?
Have you ever tried to build your list ?

Well, I’ve tried many times & failed!

     The truth that many people think that building list & money following happens like cause & effect but it’s not like that, (might happen for short term, but to build long lasting relationship & following you’ve to change your mindset)
In fact it’s more of a ‘action & a consequence follows’ type of relationship, I want to emphasize on 2 chief aspects of List building.

1) List Niche(List Quality)
     First thing to know that the people in your list are creatures of emotions, let’s say you’ve a list has it 1000 members, & all these members are vegans . And your niche is about chicken foodies & you keep sending them recipes of various chicken delicacies & chicken restaurants in town, now that’s just a waste of time since none of those vegans are interested.

     Let’s look at another scenario, say you’ve a list of 1000 members who are food mad & chicken lovers, then how many of them will be reading your mails & clicking your links ?

That’s why quality of your List matters!

2) List Volume(Quantity):

     Let’s assume you’ve a list of hungry buyers, the 2nd important factor is the volume which means the total no. of subscribers you’ve in your list.

     This was one of the early mistake I’ve made during my early List building days, I thought make a splash page(a.k.a Squeeze page) where you give away something like e-books or reports, or anything that solves some problem, the member is facing & I can build my list, that’s what many so called experts preach right ?

     Yes that works & I was able to build my list of small amount of subscribers say 25 subscribers, 50 or 60.

     Having such small amount of subscribers won’t generate you any income! All it will earn you is a ‘square root of squat'(Big $0.00)!

     So, if you are someone serious about List building & want to know about Residual income power, please build a list of at least 1000 subscribers to see some dollars in your bank a/c or else my personal opinion is please stay away from List building!

     Another most important factor is time, if you fall short of advertising cost, you may better start building your list using FREE resources first.


      ‘Winners Don’t Do Different Things, They Do Things Differently’

                                                                                                                   -Shiv Khera.

Splash Page is the most important component of every Affiliate Marketer Online, as they define the Success or Failure of our Marketing Campaigns.

Generally Surfing Online we will find same Standard Splash Page being promoted by every other Promoter, that makes it hard to find out who is promoting this Splash Page as most of them don’t have any information about the Promoter, then as a Member, how do I decide to join under whom? That’s where the Personalization comes in to help us out.

Personalized Splash Pages are very good, its same Splash Page but with our Picture/Logo and Name on it and some even support a personal message, at least it a good start and it separates us from the lot of people promoting it with no info at all.

What if the site does not have Personalized Splash Pages, then there are tools to help us out.

Viral Vital Pro – Its basically a Tracker but most importantly its helps us personalize our pages, It helps us to put up our Photo/Logo on Standard Splash Pages with its customization options and as a free member too we can personalize 10 Splash Pages.

Brand Me Tool – Its another great product for personalization, it has separate Splash Pages for commonly used websites and we just need to use the links to get our Personalized Splash Pages for the Sites supported by it.

Creating Splash Pages – Being a Little Creative and Creating our Own Splash Pages can really set up apart as we will be promoting the Same Programs but with our Own Personal Touch and Fresh Looking Splash Page in mix of Same Standard Splash Pages, the Best Program to create Splash pages is Adkreator, Best thing out it is that not only we can Create Splash Pages but also don’t have to worry about hosting it, Adkreator hosts our Splash Pages too so no worries about hosting.

Its very easy to Create Splash Pages as it has lots of Templates and Videos for Help, Special Bonus for my Readers a Free PDF on how to use Adkreator.

We can also create Splash Pages on sites like Easy Hits 4 U, Traffic Royal, Coop MG, we can also use them to create our Own Splash Pages.

You don’t need to be a Professional Designer, just even your Picture and Name with some Text Details about the Program as nowadays with multiple tab surfing we only have a few seconds to make an impression so even a Simple Splash Page can do the Trick rather than long details about the program and it even helps us in Promoting our Own Personal Brand.

Lets Decide to make at least a Single Splash Page this Week.

Thanks to Mr. Mahesh G, for again giving me an Opportunity to share my views on his Blog.


This post was written by Rahul Taneja