Banners – Silent Marketing



The Most Neglected or Ignored form of Marketing is Banners and Texts, but I feel Banners are very Important Tool. We can find Banners and Text Ads everywhere, even on Home Pages and all other Pages of Traffic Exchanges. So its constant Silent Marketing.

Banners can go in long way in Keeping our Program on People’s Subconscious Mind. Seeing our Banner again and again will make them interested in our Program. Banners and Texts are mostly placed near the clicking icons in Traffic Exchange surfing pages, so most people do have a look on our Banner and Texts even if there are not conscious about the fact, and repeated sightings of our Banners can make them interested.

Personalizing – To make our Banners stand out from other Standard Banners, best way is to Personalize them, use our Name, Photo or Logo on each Banner we promote. Nowadays, most sites have personal banners, so we should use them instead of the standard banners. For the sites which don’t have personal banners there are many tools which can help us like Brand Me Tool, Adkreator, Instant Banner Creator. These tools help us to personalize our banners and even create new banners if we want too. This also helps us to create our own Personal Brand.

Why create Personal Brand? Do you ever think that Why Best Selling Products like Pepsi, Coke, Apple etc keep on Advertising, They are making Huge Profits, and will keep earning money, still we see their Commercials and will keep on seeing them. To keep People reminding of their Products as there are many Competitors, same way as Online Marketers, we need to create our Own Brand, and keep reminding people by our Personalized Marketing, the more they see us, the more they will believe us.

People ignoring or not using Banners are really making a mistake and hurting their Own Personal Business.

Texts – While making Text Ads, we must never make any tall false claims, we might get a signup or two, but in long run, it will spoil our Reputation, our Text Ads, must be a short few words preview of our sites, and in sync with the content in our Splash Pages and Banners, that’s best way of using the Text Ads. If we use them in sync, they will remind the surfer of our Splash Pages and Banners and will keep our ads active in his subconscious mind, and when he has seen it several times, You Never Know, when he hits the Sign Up Button.

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This post was written by Rahul Taneja