“Your Brand is what Other People say About You When you’re Absent”

     We all know how important it is to Brand our self and Branding is very important for our Online Business. There are several ways of Branding Ourselves like using our Custom Splash Pages, Building our Lists, using Photo or Logo in our every promotion so people can recognize us and can also differentiate from other, another good way of Branding is Chatting.

     Many people don’t like Chatting while Surfing, it distracts them from surfing and takes them away from the advertised sites, but it is also a great tool of Branding Ourselves.

     Chatting is not like throwing up random spam links in the chat room, nor stop surfing and just start chatting with fellow surfers, for all the gossip and other kind of chats there are other means like Facebook, Twitter etc, but using the Chats in Traffic Exchanges to build relationships with people, helping people if they need help as and when you come across someone asking for help in chats while you are surfing.

     I have personally made a few great friends while chatting in Traffic Exchanges and build great Relationships with them. After building Relationships, if they see me promoting something, they ask me more about the stuff and eventually I get more Referrals and Grow my Business.

     Helping our Fellow Surfers in chat when they need them, can not only make us new Friends and make great Relationships with them but don’t forget the chats are open in public and all the people surfing that Traffic Exchange during that time will be able to see that you are very helping Person and can also help you to build up your Brand and Reputation which can really help you in getting attention to your Business Promotions than other People.

     Its also important that we use the Chat in Traffic Exchanges with Care and don’t spam people with our random links, surfers will not love that and also can get you suspended at most Traffic Exchanges, Chat in Traffic Exchanges should be used as Business Chat Only, where we can Build Relationships with Other Surfers, sometimes we can also get chance to meet Owner of the Site or even few Senior Members in chat, we can gain from chatting with them, learning from their experiences over the years or even sharing our few ideas with the Owner about his Site.

     Chatting while surfing can be a Great Tool of Branding Ourselves if used with Care and only restricting ourselves to Topics related to Business and not getting involved in Gossips and Useless Topics which can have even negative impact on our Brand and Reputation.

Keep Chatting…


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This post was written by Rahul Taneja.

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